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Our Team


​Our Ministry Team consists of our growing family. God has been faithful as we desire to serve Him in the ministry. Our desire as a family and team is that God would work through us to be a blessing to others for His ultimate glory. 


Our desire is to produce God-honoring music for believers. Through the production of sacred albums, and the arranging of music, we pray that God would use this ministry to be a blessing to you and your family. 

Make sure you check out our children's "Adventure" productions!

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Proclaim His Name -  Vocal CD September 2021


Proclaim His Name is our first published CD with a selection of songs focusing on the character, nature, and names of our great God. You will find a selection of ensembles of men, women, mixed, as well as solos in this CD. Our prayer is that through this music your hearts and minds with be brought to worship our great God with us. 


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Greek Greed - Children's Adventure CD March 2022


Archey, Brooke, Wendy, Buster, and their parents find themselves back in time during the conquest of Alexander the Great. Before they can return home they must complete their quest as the great Empire of Greece continues to grow. Along the way the family learns important lessons of pride and the fall of those who are haughty. Journey with them through time in our first published CD of our Chronicles Clan series!

Majestic Mystery - Children's Adventure CD July 2023


Archey, Brooke, Wendy, Buster, and their parents find themselves back in time on their next conquest. This time they find themselves in England with Queen Victoria. Join in the adventure as the Chronicles Family (and Nigel) help solve this "Majestic Mystery" and combat the mischief makers!! Archey finds the answers not only to this mystery, but also the most important mystery in life. You won't want to miss this adventure. 

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