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The Starr Family


Randy and Patti Starr:

Randy and Patti Starr serve as Shine Forth Music's managers and organizers. They have a desire for Christian ministry and good Christian music. 


Andrew and Rachel Starr:

Andrew and Rachel Starr currently serve at First Baptist Church in Plattsmouth, NE. Pastor Andrew is the active Next Generation Pastor. Andrew and Rachel have a burden for the next generation, godly Christian music, and Local Church ministry. 


Joey and Samantha (Starr) Neal:

Joey and Samantha Neal are serving the Lord at Grace Baptist Church in New Castle, IN. Pastor Joe serves as the Youth Pastor at the church. Joey and Samantha are passionate about godly Christian music and love to use their talents for the Lord.


Joe and Emily are serving the Lord at Eagle Heights Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO. Pastor Starr serves as the Senior Pastor of their local church. Joe and Emily have a passion for people and ministering to them through music.

Joseph and Emily Starr:


Thomas and Ashley Starr:

Tom and Ashley Starr serve at Eagle Heights Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO. Pastor Tom serves as the Youth Pastor of their local church. Tom and Ashley have a burden for the next generation and impacting them for the Lord.


Graceanne Starr:

Graceanne Starr received a bachelor degree in Piano Pedagogy with concentration in composing and teaching atMarantaha Baptist University. Graceanne currently teaches piano and voice, and writes the music for Shine Forth. She has a passion for playing and arranging sacred music.


Nate and Leeanne (Starr) Regier:

Nate and Leeanne both received their degrees at Pensacola Christian College and are currently serving the Lord in Connecticut. Leeanne enjoys singing as well as playing the piano. She has also written lyrics for Shine Forth Music. 

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